Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Ankle foot orthoses AFOs are external biomechanical devices utilized on lower limbs to stabilize the joints, improve the gait and physical functioning of the affected lower limb. AFO is used as supportive devices and aid for ambulation through different gait stages by providing foot clearance, used to limit or assist ankle and foot ROM like; dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, improve balance, decrease the risk of falling, help with weak musculature of lower legs, and to return to previous activity or facilitate patient mobility.

They are found in different types and different materials and can be modified according to the use and the development of the person if it is used for children. They made from thermoformed plastic material that enables to add modification and adjustments. AFOs are used as night splints to prevent contractures in some cases[1], patients with stroke , and other neurological conditions such as SCI and children with cerebral palsy.


                     Fixed Ankle AFO