Braces & Products

HST DME CARE is an accredited provider of Medicare covered back, knee and extremity braces.
We’re part of the Medicare Competitive Bid Program, so beneficiaries can receive their brace at little or no cost to them.
From treating chronic conditions to acute injuries, HST DME CARE can provide
you with the right brace to guide your treatment.

Medicare Back & Knee Braces

HST DME CARE is a Medicare contract supplier for back and knee braces. We are contracted to provide Medicare beneficiaries
with back and knee braces in most Competitive Bid Areas.

Medicare Extremity Braces & Products

Foot Braces

Foot braces not only provide comfort, but also promote healing and improve mobility.

Wrist Products

Wrist braces from HST DME can stabilize your wrist, relieve pain and promote faster healing.

Ankle Braces

HST DME offers a range of ankle braces that can help you get back on your feet and regain your mobility.

Elbow Products

HST DME elbow braces may look complicated, but they’re easy to use and they keep your elbow joint in the optimal position to prevent further injury and speed healing.

Bone Growth Stimulators

HST DME, we assist patients in obtaining approval for bone growth stimulators.

Shoulder Products

HST DME offer various types of shoulder braces designed to stabilize the shoulder joint.

Knee Braces

The knee joint is a complex structure that requires multiple components to work together smoothly to function properly.

Lymphedema Pumps

A Lymphedema Pump is an intermittent, pneumatic compression device with sequential gradient pressure.

Back Braces

Back pain can be a debilitating condition that restricts your ability to move and enjoy life.
Call us to find out if you may qualify for a brace as a Medicare covered benefit.